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The second magazine, issued on August 22, 1959,
‘The Royal Visit to Canada’

(Appendix List No. 160), is a record of the 45 day tour which lasted from June 18 to August 1. Three days after her arrival at St. John s, Newfoundland, the Queen went aboard Britannia’, travelling inland to Montreal, and on June 26 she opened the St. Lawrence Seaway. On June 28 and 29 she visited Kingston and Toronto respectively and on June 30 flew to Ottowa, where she stayed at Government House. On July 6 she visited Chicago. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the tour was the train journey through the wonderful scenery of the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver and Victoria. On July 18 the Queen left by air from the Yukon where she stayed in the Gold rush town of Whitehouse. On July 21 there began the long journey homewards by air and train across the great provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. After a visit to the Atlantic coast provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the Royal Tour of Canada came to an end with the departure from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
The fullness of this issue was due to the fact that there had been an 8 week printers’ dispute.
The coloured cover shows a photograph of the Queen in a rectangular frame. Around the borders are the arms of all the provinces of Canada as well as the arms of Canada, each one decorated with yellow and orange maple leaves. The background to the decorative frame is deep blue.
This is issue number 6264, vol. 235, pages 49-112, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at two shillings and sixpence.

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