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An extended and almost exhausting round of tours and visits was planned for the Queen and members of the Royal family in the months after the coronation. The grandest was the Naval Review at Spithead on June 15 when the Queen in the Royal Yacht ‘Surprise’ sailed through a fleet of 200 ships that included the last British battleship, HMS ‘Vanguard’, nine aircraft carriers, ten cruisers and ships from 16 foreign navies including those of the USA, USSR and France.
The ILN’ s ‘Naval Review Number’ of June 20, 1953

(Appendix List No. 150) shows this assemblage in great detail. An 8 page pull-out panorama shows all of the Royal Navy’s principal fighting craft and auxliaries necessary to maintain a modern navy in action.
Other pages illustrate the Queen’s Birthday Parade and Trooping the Colour Ceremony of June 11; the coronation drives in the S.E. and S.W. of London on June 8; the Coronation Royal Tournament at Earls Court of June 10 and the Coronation Banquet at Guildhall on June 12.
The coloured cover by C. E. Turner shows the ‘Golden Hind’ in full sail on a blue sea against an orange sky. The title of the picture is ‘The “Golden Hind” - symbol of a Golden Age’.
This is issue number 5957, vol. 222, pages 1013-1064, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at two shillings.

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