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Nearly 86 years of age, Britain’s ‘Senior Lady’, Queen Mary, died on March 24, 1953, ten weeks before the coronation of her granddaughter.
Virtually destined from birth (in 1867) to be a Queen, she was originally engaged to the Duke of Clarence, eldest son of the Prince of Wales who, in 1901, was to become Edward VII. But in 1893, after Clarence’s death, she married his younger brother and became Queen in 1910 when he succeeded to the throne as George V. Among the tragedies of her life, apart from Clarence’s premature demise, was the death at the age of 16 of John, her youngest son, in 1919, the death of her husband in 1936, the abdication of her eldest son, Edward VIII in 1936, the death on active service of another son, the Duke of Kent, in 1943 and the death of George VI in 1952.
On April 4, 1953, the ILN produced the ‘Queen Mary In Memoriam Number’

(Appendix List No. 145). Its pages show Queen Mary at many stages of her life both as wife, mother and consort as well as gardener and collector. It is interesting to see that for 50 years her dress never changed. Her jewelled toques sat on top of tightly packed curls and there was always next to her a long umbrella, parasol or silver topped cane. The days before her death are fully illustrated as are scenes from her homes at York Cottage, Sandringham and Marlborough House.
The cover in purple shows a sepia photograph of a seated Queen Mary in a square frame around which are columns, transverses and floral decorations associated with so many commemorative issues.
This is issue number 5946, vol. 222, pages 501-548, measuring 37 x 26 cm.
and priced at three shillings and sixpence.

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