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Royalty was also the theme of the next special number of the ILN. In 1938 Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands celebrated her 40th year on the throne by making a state entry into Amsterdam. It was exactly 40 years since she arrived in that city as a young Princess of 18 for her Inauguration on the following day, September 6th 1898. On September 10th the ILN issued the
‘Netherlands and Colonies Number’

(Appendix List No. 122) to commemorate this event. In this issue we see the Queen at various ages throughout her life; the celebratory banquet in the Dam Palace; the Art Exhibition in honour of the ‘Jubilee’ and the Thanksgiving Service in the Nievwe Kerk, the central event of the celebrations. A further section illustrates the Dutch East Indies (Sumatra, Java, Borneo, New Guinea and the Celebes) and the Dutch West Indies (Surinam and Curacao).
The cover is a coloured reproduction of the painting by Otto Eerelman showing Queen Wilhelmina arriving in Amsterdam on the eve of her Inauguration. The Royal coat of arms surmounts the picture frame and the 15 coats of arms of the main cities and regions of The Netherlands lie beneath with a motif of laden orange branches (representing the House of Orange) running through the border design.
This is issue number 5186, vol. 193, pages 425-476, measuring 37 x 26 an and priced at one shilling.

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