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Sighting land at Botany Bay in 1770, Captain Cook took possession of this newly discovered coast for Great Britain, naming it New South Wales, from its resemblance to the landscape of Glamorganshire. In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillips established the first white settlement and christened it Sydney, after Thomas Townsend, Viscount Sydney, the Secretary of State. To commemorate the 150th anniversary, extensive celebrations at Sydney, from January 26th to April 25th were organized, including naval and military reviews an Air Force pageant, a Venetian Carnival, the British Empire Games and the Mitchell Library Exhibition of Australian , documents and
original books.
On January 29th 1938, the UN published the
‘Australia’s 150th Anniversary’

(appendix List No. 119) which looks forward to all these events. A series of contemporary drawings shows the gradual growth of Sydney and the inland colony of Parramatta.
The cover is the ordinary advertising wrapper with reference to the special nature of the issue written in the top third. This issue is number 5154, vol. 192, pages 153-196, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at one shilling.

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