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Wednesday May 12th was dull and rainy, but London thronged with cheering people. Inside Westminster Abbey the ancient rite was carried out with unparalleled splendour. The ‘Coronation Ceremony Number’ of May 15th

(Appendix List No. 117) covers all aspects of the day’s events including the processional drives, the Service and Progress in Westminster Abbey and the State Banquet and Ball. Ten plates in full colour deal with the key stages of the ceremony and associated celebrations.

The cover of this issue shows a standing female figure in yellow and purple representing Britain’s Empire in the West and a seated figure in red and green symbolizing the Empire in the East. Both look towards St. Edward’s Crown on a plinth with the King’s orb; the King’s sceptre with the dove and the King’s royal sceptre with the cross resting against it. In the background is the facade of Westminster Abbey against a blue sky.
This is issue number 5117, vol. 190, pages 851-922, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at half a crown.


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