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The imminent maiden voyage of the ‘Queen Mary’ prompted two more special numbers.
The first ‘Queen Mary’ number of February 29th 1936

1936 queen mary

(Appendix List No. 110) anticipated the King’s visit to Clydebank on March 5th to inspect the new liner before she proceeded down the Clyde to sail to Southampton where the installation of her luxurious fittings would be completed.
This issue shows several unusual aspects of the liner - the animal enclosure for passengers’ pets, a vertical view inside the hollow fore-mast, the mural decorations and carvings and the innovations connected with the bridge, the steering-wheel and lifeboats. A four page panorama pull-out, a coloured diagrammatic view of the interior of the ship by C. H. Davis, emphasizes the ship’s size, speed and stability.
The front cover of the magazine has the same illustration as the issue of September 29th 1934, but in much darker blues, reds and greens. This is issue number 5054, vol. 188, pages 349-388, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at one shilling.

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