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On Thursday April 27th, 1882 were married.
Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, fourth and youngest son of the Queen, and Princess Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont

fourth daughter of George Victor, sovereign Prince of Waldeck-Pyrmont. Waldeck was situated to the north of Hesse-Cassel and Pyrmont was 30 miles further north, towards Hanover. One of Princess Helenís sisters was Emma, Queen of the Netherlands. A special extra double number was produced on May 2nd (Appendix List no.12) which covers the whole of the marriage ceremony in St. Georgeís Chapel, Windsor with full biographical details of the bride and groom and their respective families, and their journey to their new home at Claremont. The cover of the magazine is in shades of brown and white filled with nuptial motifs. At the top one cupid holds a bridal vei1; another cupid holds an orange-blossom bedecked scroll and at the bottom of the cover a third cupid is surrounded by branches of orange blossom. This issue has 32 pages, measures 30 x 42 cm and was priced at one shilling. This happy event was marred all too soon by tragedy. Early in 1884 the sickly Prince Leopold went alone to the south of France for a recuperative rest. Without any warning he died from the breaking of a blood vessel on the brain. next page >>

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