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An ordinary number (no. 5013 vol. 186) issued on May 18th 1935, details the Silver Jubilee celebrations in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and it was left to the special issue of July 20th, the ‘Royal Naval and Military Preview Number’

(Appendix List No. 105), to round off the issues dedicated to the Jubilee.
This issue details the Silver Jubilee Review of the troops of the Aldershot Command on Saturday July 13th in Rushmoor Arena and the Review of the Fleet at Spithead on July 15th which caused one commentator to describe it as “the greatest pageant of British sea power seen since the Great War”. (Illust. 25)
The coloured cover shows a Grenadier Guard beneath a Union Jack and a naval gunner under the White Ensign. In the background are the White Cliffs of Dover with a fighter plane in the sky above and a destroyer in the waters of the Channel below.
This is issue number 5022, vol. 187, pages 85-150, measuring 37 x 26 cm and priced at two shillings.

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