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Secondly, there was the Silver Jubilee Number

(Appendix List No. 103) brought out on May 4th. 1935 This issue deals with the preliminaries to the celebrations. In it there is a photographic record of the lives of the King and Queen; the Queen’s jewels and the King’s horses, dogs and motorcars; the effects of floodlighting on famous London buildings; leading personalities; the decorations; the opening of the Silver Jubilee season of Grand Opera at Covent Garden and paintings to be seen at the Royal Academy. A coloured section looks forward to the Service of Prayer and Thanksgiving to be held in St. Paul’s on the following Monday, May 6th, Accession Day.
The cover of this issue, a bright mass of colour, is an imaginative reconstruction of the Jubilee procession with banners, bunting, Yeomen of the Guard with halberds and just a corner of the Royal carriage coming into view drawn by the famous Windsor greys.
This is issue number 5011 vol. 186, pages 715-778, measuring 37 x 26 cm and cost two shillings.

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