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by Robin S. Hunt and John Weedy

PART TWO — 1902-1920

For over a Century the Illustrated London News has issued special souvenir editions for special events. In this, the second of four articles, we record these publications which make a fascinating catalogue of British and Foreign history.

The Coronation of Edward VII was scheduled to take place on June 26th 1902 and three special numbers of the ILN were envisaged. The Record Number of the Coronation (the fourth in sequence of these sumptuous publications) had been available since May; a two shilling Coronation Procession and Naval Review number was due out on July 2nd and a shilling double number illustrating the Coronation, the Naval Review and the Illuminations was to be issued on July 5th. However, to the consternation of the nation, came the announcement on June 24th that owing to the illness of the King, the Coronation ceremony had been indefinitely postponed. The ordinary weekly number of June 28th contains the official bulletin: “The King is undergoing a surgical operation. The King is suffering from perityphlitis. His condition on Saturday was so satisfactory that it was hoped that with care His Majesty will be able to go through the Coronation Ceremony. On Monday evening a recrudescence became manifest, rendering a surgical operation necessary today.” The operation for appendicitis was a complete success and the Coronation took place on August 9th.

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