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  1. Abyssinian Arabs Hunting the Elephant
  2. Fall of a Railway Bridge at Beckenham
  3. Ruins of Houses destroyed by the late Storm in Hull
  4. Welwyn Tunnel, Great Northern Railway Collision
  5. Aden, Arab Villages and Forts
  6. Presentation of Colours to the 109th Regiment
  7. Central Africa, Sketches from Confluence of the Rivers Niger and Prince
  8. Lukoja on the River Niger
  9. South African Travel, Scenes of An Attack in the Night
  10. Agricultural Hall, Prize Horses at the Show
  11. Prince Albert opening the Industrial Museum, Edinburgh
  12. The Albert Medal for the Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea
  13. Albert Memorial Arch at Fettercairn
  14. Hospital, Wollongong, New South Wales
  15. Aldersgate-Street Station of the Metropolitan Railway
  16. Aldershott, Field-day at: Cavalry Marching past the Prince and Princess of Wales
  17. The Queen Reviewing Troops in the Front of the Barracks
  18. Algoa Bay, the Surf-boat at Port Elizabeth
  19. Arrival of American Ships of War in Cork Harbour
  20. Animals taking Refuge from a Prairie Fire
  21. The New Fortifications of Malines, The Porte de Antwerp
  22. Map of the Port de Antwerp
  23. The Porte de Turnhout
  24. Arabs of Abyssinia Hunting the Elephant
  25. Arab Villages and Forts near Aden-Ahmoodiah
  26. Assalee
  27. Dhurub
  28. Jowalah
  29. Teran
  30. Architecture: Design for a Hall of Science and Art
  31. ARMS OF: (BELOW)
  32. Earl Bathurst
  33. Sir Baynes
  34. Earl Beauchamp
  35. Sir E. D. Borrowes
  36. The Earl of Chesterfield
  37. Viscount Clifden
  38. Lord Clinton
  39. The Earl of Clonmell
  40. Sir A. P. Cooper
  41. General Sir A. J. Dalrymple
  42. The Earl of Donoughmore
  43. Sir A. J. Doughty-Tichborne
  44. Sir P.H. Fleetwood
  45. Sir T. R. gage
  46. The Earl of Gainsborough
  47. Lord Glenelg
  48. Sir B Graham
  49. Sir G Harnage
  50. The Earl of Harrington
  51. Sir J Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes
  52. The Right Hon H. A. Herbert
  53. Sir F. L. Holyoake-Goodricke
  54. Sir B Kay
  55. The Earl of Kinnoull
  56. Sir J. R. Kynaston
  57. Sir D'Arcy W. Legard
  58. The Bishop of Limerick
  59. The Earl of Limerick
  60. The M'Gillycuddy
  61. Sir J Malcolm
  62. The Earls of MIlltown
  63. Lord Monteagle
  64. Mr. P. R. Mynors
  65. Sir G. J. Palmer
  66. Sir G. L. M. Parker
  67. Sir P Perring
  68. Sir H Peyton
  69. Lord and Lady Rivers
  70. Sir F. A. Roe
  71. The Earl of Rosslyn
  72. Sir T. V. Stonhouse
  73. Sir F. W. Sykes
  74. Sir J. C. Thorold
  75. Lord Vernon
  76. Sir J Williams-Drummond
  77. The Rev. Sir J. P. Wood
  78. Astronomical Clock mad for the Emperor Rudolf II. of Germany
  79. Old Carriage of French or Flemish Pattern
  80. Model of Pulpit in the Baptistery at Pisa
  81. Sedan Chair of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany
  82. The Ascot Cup
  83. The Betting-ring
  84. The Queen's Gold Cup
  85. The Royal Hunt Cup
  86. The Prince and Princess of Wales Driving up the Course
  87. Aspinwall City, Panama
  88. Athletic Games at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich: The Three-legged Race
  89. Civil Service Athletic Sports at Beaufort House, Walham-green
  90. The Emperor of Austria Crossing the Illuminated Suspension-Bridge, at Pesth, Hungary
  91. Meeting the Hungarian Parliament in the Palace of Buda, Pesth
  92. Auxerre, Arrival of the Emperor and Empress of the French


  1. Bangalore, India, Inaugurationof the Statue of Sir M. Cubbon
  2. The National Provincial of England Bank, Threadneedle-street
  3. The Union of London, Chancery-lane
  4. Bank Failures: Scene in Lombard-street
  5. Public Dinner at Barbadoes in Honour of the Commissioners from the British North-American Provinces
  6. Barge for Conveying Invalids to Haslar and Netley Hospitals
  7. Barnes, Procession of Boats
  8. Baptismal Gift from the Queen to her Grandchild, Prince Albert Victor of Wales
  9. Bath and West of England Agricultural Society's Meeting at Salisbury: The Showyard
  10. Battersea, Christ Church National Schools
  11. The Beaufort Cup, Won at the Bath Races
  12. Beckenham, Scene of the Railway Accident
  13. Beddington, New Female Orphan Asylum
  14. The Mengoon Bell, Mandalay, Burmah
  15. Belvoir Castle, Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Arrival of their Royal Highnesses at the Castle
  16. Meet of the Duke of Rutland's Fox-hounds at Piper Hole, Vale of Belvoir
  17. North-east Front of the Castle
  18. Burnt Palace of the Rajah of Saleeka
  19. Punakha
  20. British and Foreign Bible Society's New Building , The Prince of Wales Laying the Foundation-stone.
  21. Prize Birds at the Crystal Palace show.
  22. Birthplace of the late John Gibson, R.A., near Conway, North Wales
  23. Bishopsgate-street Station and Infirmary for the City Police
  24. Procession of Boats at Barnes
  25. Boat-race, The Oxford and Cabridge: Passing the Crab Tree
  26. Scene at Hammersmith Bridge
  27. Brisbane, The Capital of Queensland, Australia
  28. Public Dinner in Honour of British American Commissioners at Barbadoes
  29. British Columbia, Suspension-Bridge over the Fraser River
  30. The Town of Yale
  31. Wrecks at Brixham, Torbay
  32. Wrecks near Broadsands
  33. Broad-street Station of the North London Railway
  34. Scene from "Brother Sam" at the Haymarket Theatre
  35. The Revolution at Bucharest: Troops in Front of the Platz Theatre
  36. Interior of the Buddhist Temple in the Monastery of Mangang, Tibet
  37. Bunhill-fields Burial-ground
  38. Bust of Thackeray, in Westminster Abbey
  39. Buxton Memorial Drinking-fountain, George-street, Westminster


  1. Calcutta, The Mosque of Gholaum Mahomed
  2. Conflict between the Peruvian Forts and Batteries at Callao and the Spanish Fleet
  3. Forts and Batteries
  4. Cambridge and Oxford Athletic Sports in the Christ Church Meadows, Oxford
  5. University Boat-race: Passing the Crab Tree
  6. Scene at Hammersmith Bridge
  7. The University Eight Training on the Cam
  8. Cannon-street Station of the South-Eastern Railway
  9. Canoe Destroyed by a Hippopotamus on the River Xambesi
  10. Cape Colony, Ivory and Skins for Sale in the Grahamstown Market
  11. The Installation of Mr. Carlyle as Lord Rector of the University of Edinburgh
  12. Cashmere: The Fort of Sprinagar with the Gardens of Shalimar
  13. Gardens of Shalimar and the Neighbouring Mountains
  14. Casket in which the Freedom of the City was Presented to the Duke of Edinborgh
  15. Cemetery and Racecourse at Hong-Kong
  16. Gold Chain found Buried at Clare, Suffolk
  17. Challenge Trophy for the Hong-Kong Races
  18. Chancery-lane, The Union Bank of London
  19. Chapel, Savoy, Strand
  20. Chapel and Shrine of Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey
  21. The Chapter-house, Westminster Abbey
  22. Annual Festival of Charity Children in St. Paul's Cathedral: Children Entering the South Door
  23. Choral Festival in Lichlield Cathedral
  25. Benhilton, Sutton, Surrey
  26. Bromley, St. Michael and All Angels'
  27. Burrangong, New South Wales, St. John's
  28. Calcutta, Fort William Garrison
  29. Camberwell, St. Andrew's
  30. Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, St Luke's
  31. Cork, St. Peter and St. Paul, New Roman Catholic
  32. Darlington, St. Cuthbert's
  33. Ide Hill, Kent, St. Mary's
  34. South hackney, St. Michael and All Angels'
  35. Weaste, Manchester, St. Luke's
  36. The New City of London Clubhouse, George-yard, Lombard-street
  37. The Lord Mayor Opening the Industrial Exhibition, Guildhall
  38. Lunatic Asylum near Dartford
  39. Police Station and Infirmary, Bishopsgate-street
  40. Civil Service Athletic Sports at Beaufort House, Walham-green
  41. Cliefden, the Residence of the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland, Visited by the Queen
  42. City of London Clubhouse, George-yard, lombard-street
  43. East India United Service, St James's-square
  44. Whitehall, Westminster
  45. Presentation of Colours to the 24th Regiment, by the Countess of Kimberley, at the Curragh of Kildare
  46. To the 109th Regiment at Aden
  47. The Old College of Physicians, Warwick-lane
  48. Colliery Explosion at Dunkinfield, Scene of the Fatal
  49. The Hartley Monument, in Earsdon Churchyard
  50. Conflict between the Peruvian Forts and Batteries at Callo and the Spanish Fleet
  51. Constantinople, Ram-fighting at the Persian Khan
  52. Cooch Behar, Palace of the Rajah
  53. Native Officials of Coorg, India, The Tower of Mercara
  54. New Corn Exchange, Farnham, Surrey
  55. Corporation Buildings, Farringdon-road
  56. Cow-cross-street Station of the Metropolitan Railway
  57. Coxside, Plymouth, Fire at the Patent Candle Factory
  58. Crewe Hall, Cheshire, lately destroyed by Fire
  59. Crewe Steelworks, Visit of the Prince of Wales to (BELOW)
  60. The Expanding machine
  61. The Steel-cutting Saw
  62. Gold Cross found Buried at Clare Suffolk
  63. The Crown Fife Assurance Office, Fleet-street
  64. The Crystal Palace Prize Birds at the Show
  65. The Annual Metropolitan Schools, Choral Meeting


  1. The City Lunatic Asylum near Dartford
  2. Laying the First Stone of the Deaf and Dumb Institution at Melbourne
  3. Piccadilly Circus on the Morning of the Derby Day
  4. The Rush to see the Finish of the Derby
  5. Showing the Numbers
  6. Derby New Market-hall
  7. Dessert Service for the Prince of Wales
  8. Inauguration of the Dinham Statue at Exeter
  9. Divine Service on Board the Liverpool Training-ship Indefatigable
  10. The Royal Dramatic College, Maybury, Surrey
  11. The Buxton Memorial Drinking-fountain, George-street, Westminster
  12. Presentation by the Dorset Militia to Mrs. Colonel Bingham
  13. Investiture of a Knight of the Order of St. Patrick at Dublin Castle
  14. Dumbarton New Townhall
  15. Dwellings for the Labouring Classes Corporation Buildings, Farringdon-road
  16. Peabody-square, Islington


  1. East India United Service Clubhouse, St. James's-square
  2. Prince Alfred Opening the Edinburgh Industrial Museum
  3. Presentation of the Freedom of the City of London to The Duke of Edinburgh
  4. Distributing the prizes on board the School Frigate Conway, at Liverpool, H.R.H.
  5. Elephant-Hunting by Abyssinian Arabs
  7. Race for the City and Suburban Handicap
  8. Eruption of a Submarine Volcano at Santorin, Greek Archipelago
  9. Exchange Buildings, Hull
  10. Exeter, Floods at: The River Exe at Head Weir
  11. Inauguration of the Dinham Statue
  12. Progress of the Exhibition Building, Paris
  13. The Lord Mayor Opening the City of London Industrial, Guild-hall
  14. Mr. Peabody Distributing the Prizes
  15. Glasgow Industrial Working-men's Club


  1. New Townhall and Corn Exchange, Farnham, Surrey
  3. February
  4. March
  5. April
  6. May
  7. Chapeaux and Coiffures
  8. June
  9. Scene from "The Fame and Fortune" at the Haymarket Theatre
  10. New Asylum for Female Orphans, Beddington
  12. Landing of the Dragoon Guards at the North Wall, Dublin
  13. The Rendezvous of Fenians, Eastport, Maine
  14. Funeral of Canadian Volunteers killed in a Skirmish with Fenians
  15. mountjoy Prison, Dublin, where the Fenians are Confined
  16. Arrival of Fenian Prisoners
  17. Pigeon-house Fort, Dublin Bay
  18. Prisoners (marching) into the County Prison at Cork
  19. Trial of a Corporal of the 20th Regiment by Court-martial in the Cork Barracks
  20. Fettercairn, Albert Memorial Arch
  21. File-cutting
  23. Ottery St. Mary, Devon
  24. Oxford-street
  25. Patenet Candle Fatory, Plymouth
  26. St. Katherine Docks: Scene of the Great
  27. Scene of Westmoreland-street, Dublin
  28. Experimental Firing of the Bellerophon at the Royal Sovereign at Spithead
  29. Shotholes in the Turret of the Royal Sovereign
  31. Bamborough Castle- a Signal of Distress in the Offling
  32. Caught Napping
  33. Cedars of Lebanon Destined for the construction of the Temple
  34. Cherry Ripe
  35. Circular-street, Pekin
  36. Country Cousins
  37. The Curt Reply
  38. Dr. Johnson's First interview with Wilkes
  39. Portrait of Sir T. Gresham
  40. The Happy Mother
  41. Hever Castle in the Time of Charles I
  42. Homeless
  43. Job Praying for his friends
  44. Landscape, The Turner Gold Medal Prize
  45. A Little Fatherly Advice
  46. The Lucky Number
  47. Mary with the Child Jesus
  48. Mountains of the Oberland, From the Faulhorn
  49. Our French Watering-place
  50. Parable of the Ten Virgins
  51. The parents of Christ Seeking Him
  52. Passion and Patience
  53. The Port Bergen, Norway
  54. The Road to Gibraltar from San Roque
  55. A Roman Lady Returning from Making Purchases
  56. The Sergeant's Love-letter
  57. The Stepping-stones
  58. Sunday Morning, Coburg
  59. The Theatre at Macao
  60. Inside of
  61. Tuning Up
  62. The Walk from School
  63. Fleet-Street, The Crown Life Assurance Office
  65. Cowley bridge, near Exeter
  66. Exeter: The River Exe at Head Weir
  67. Overflow of the Thames near Windsor
  68. Font in the Protestant Church at Naples
  69. Fork-grinding
  70. Presentation of the Freedom of the City of London to the Duke of Edinburgh at Guildhall
  71. Casket in which the Freedom was Presented
  72. Front on the new Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's inn-fields
  73. Arrival of the Emperor and Empress of the French at Auxerre
  75. Cemetery, The English
  76. Government House
  77. Funeral of Canadian Volunteers Killed in a Skirmish with Fenians: Scene in the cemetery at Toronto
  78. Fire Brigade, One of the Metropolitan
  79. Gibson R.A., in the English Cemetery at Rome
  81. Queen Marie Amelie- Arrival of the Procession at Waybridge Chapel
  82. The Last Solemn Service in the Chapelle-Ardente at Clare-mont
  83. Furstenstein Castle, Silesia, The Head-quaters of the Crown Prince of Prussia


  1. Experiments with Gale's Protected Gunpowder in a Martello Tower, near Hastings
  2. Gamges, The Source of the: View of the Great Glacier of Rudru-Himalen, as seen from Gangoutrie
  3. Gardens of the Zoological Society on Whit Monday
  4. Garibaldi Monument at Quarto, near Genoa
  5. The Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms on Duty at Buckingham Palace
  6. The latee J. Gibson's Birthplace near Conway, North Wales
  7. Industrial Exhibition of the Glasgow Working Men's Club
  8. Intended New Buildings for the University
  9. Tellurion Globe, for Exhibiting the Motions of the Earth
  10. Gold Cross and Chain found Buried at Clare, Suffolk
  11. Gordon Oil-wells, Canada West


  1. Halifax Sunday-school Jubilee Commemoration
  2. Hampton Races: The Ferry at Moulsey
  3. The Hartley Colliery Monument, in Earsdon Churchyard
  4. Hayti, Cape Haytien
  5. H.M.S. Galatea Shelling the Forts
  7. Boats of H.M.S. Curacoa Landing Sailors and Marines
  8. H.M.S. Curacoa, Shelling the native Villages on the Island of Tanna
  9. Fortified Cave at Sifu, Erromanga
  10. tree-fort at ysabel, In the Solomon Islands
  11. Hillsborough Castle, Down, Festivities at
  12. Demolition of Houses on Holborn-hill for the Holborn Valley Improvement
  13. The International Horticultural and Botanical Exhibition at South Kensington
  14. Rare Plants Exhibited
  15. The Cemetery at Hong-Kong
  16. The Racecourse
  17. Races Challenge Trophy
  18. View of Victoria
  19. Prize Horses at the Show in the Agricultural Hall
  20. Albert Memorial Hospital, Wollongong, New South Wales
  21. Royal Surrey County
  22. Hull New Exchange Buildings
  23. Ruins of Houses Destroyed by a Storm
  24. The New Townhall
  25. The Emperor of Austria Meeting the Hungarian Parliament in the Palace of Buda, Pesth
  26. Temporary House of the, at Pesth
  27. Hungary, The Emperor of Austria Crossing the Illuminated Suspension-Bridge at Pesth


  2. Island of Boiling Springs in the River hvita, near Reykholt
  3. Basin of the Great Geyser
  4. Crossing the Lava-field of the Kapella Hraun
  5. The Oroefa Jokull from the Sea
  6. Waterfall of Kvarnararfoss, near Skogar
  7. Inauguration of the Statue of the late Mr. Green at Poplar
  9. Calpee
  10. Inside of Kirwee
  11. The Lord Mayor Opening the City of London Industrial Exhibition, Guildhall
  12. Wakefield, Prize Medal of the investiture of a Knight of the Order of St. Patrick, by the Lord Lieutenant of ireland, at Dublin Castle
  13. ismaila, on the Suez Canal
  14. Ivory and Skins for Sale in the Grahamstown Market, Cape Colony


  1. Map of the Island of Jamaica
  3. A Social Meeting of Japanese Artists
  4. Modern Costumes of Japanese Officers
  5. Driving the Gorogio on the Tokaido Road, Yokohama
  6. Japanese Soldiers in European Costume at Yokohama


  1. The Palace of Kasr-i-Kajar, Teheran, Persia
  2. kermanshah, Persia
  3. The Countess of Kimberley Presenting New Colours to the 24th Regiment at the Curragh of Kildare


  1. Lancaster-gate, Hyde Park
  2. The Montgomery Memorial Buildings at Lahore
  4. Isis Life-boat at Oxford
  5. Northumberland, H.M.S.
  6. Attempted
  7. Fixing the Camels at Night
  8. Scene of Deck preparatory to the Launch
  9. Ross Winans, Cigar-shaped Steam-yacht at Millwall
  11. The Altenburg
  12. The Bishop's Palace
  13. The Old Bridge
  14. Calvary, on the Altenburg
  15. The Rathhaus
  16. Lewis and Allenby's New Silk warehouse in Conduit-street
  17. Lichfield Cathedral, Choral Festival
  18. Launch of the Life-boat Isis at Oxford
  19. The Liverpool Pilot-boat No. 8 Leading Twelve Vessels into the Mersey during a Gale
  20. Liverpool-street Station of the North London Railway
  22. Majolica Vases
  23. Cup and Cover
  24. Roman Chariot and Horses
  25. The Tribunes at Longchamps before the Race for the Grand Prix De Paris
  26. Lord Lyon, Winner of the Two Thousand Guineas at the New-market
  27. The Installation of Mr. Carlyle as Lord Rector of the University of Edinburgh
  28. The City Lunatic Asylum near Dartford


  1. marburg Castle, hesse-Cassel, occupied by Prussian Troops
  2. New Market-hall, Derby
  3. Map of the Island and Bay of Santorin, Greek Archipelago
  4. The Island of Jamaica
  6. Cambridge Cottage, Kew, the birth-place of Princess mary
  7. Departure of the Bride and bride-groom from Kew
  8. New Church, where Princess Mary was married to Prince Teck
  9. The Marriage Ceremony in Kew Church
  10. The Procession from the Church
  11. Arrival of the Queen at Kew
  12. Throwing the Slipper for Good Luck
  13. The Buxton Memorial Drinking-Fountain, George Street, Westminster
  14. Montgomery Buildings at Lahore
  15. Metropolitan Improvements: Plan of the projected Street from Charing-cross to the Thames Embankment
  16. Plan of Mont Cenis Road and Intended Railway
  18. British Officers Killed during the Taeping War
  19. The Garibaldi at Quarto, near genoa
  20. Mosque of Gholaum Mahomed, Calcutta
  21. Munchausen and the bear- From "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"
  22. Museum in Hyde Park, Sydney, New South Wales


  1. Font in the Protestant Church at Naples
  2. The National Provincial Bank of England
  3. Needham Market New Townhall
  4. New Brunswick, The Town and Harbour of St. John
  5. The New Surrey Theatre
  6. Lord Ravensworth Laying the Foundation-stone of the Newcastle Free Grammar-School
  8. A Funeral Ceremony
  9. Hokotika, West Coast of Middle Island
  10. Matata Pah, The Refuge of the Murderers of the Rev. Mr. Volkner
  11. Tyree's New Channel Cutting, Shotover River, Otago
  12. War-Canoes Competing for Prizes at Tauranga
  13. War-Dance of the Ngaiterangi at Te Papa Camp, Tauranga
  14. Nice, from the Promenade des Anglais
  15. Nottingham Election: The Hustings in the Market-place


  1. October- from "The Life of a Man Symbolised,"
  2. The Gordon Oil Wells, Canada West
  3. Scene from " One hundred Thousand Pounds'" at the Prince of Wales's Theatre
  4. Oregon, View in the Cascade Mountains
  5. Mount St. Helen's and the Columbia River
  6. New Female Orphan Asylum at Beddington
  7. Annual Examination of Children at the Working School, Haverstock-hill
  9. Ruins of Mill-street
  10. Ruins of Yonder-street and Jehu-street
  11. Oxford and Cambridge Athletic Sports in the Christ Church Meadows, Oxford
  12. University Boat-race: Passing the Crab Tree
  13. Scene at Hammersmith Bridge
  14. Fire in Oxford Street
  15. Launch of the Isis Life-boat at Oxford
  16. The University Eight Training on the Isis


  1. Palace of the Rajah, Cooch Behar
  2. New Palace-yard on the Day Mr. Gladstone moved the second Reading of the Reform Bill
  3. Panama, View of Aspinwall City
  4. Picnic in the City: Scene in Lombard-street
  5. Preperations for a Pantomime: A Fancy Sketch
  6. Returning from the Day Performance
  7. Progress of the Paris Exhibition Building
  9. Portraits of the Movers and Seconders of the Addresses in the Two Houses
  10. The Queen entering the palace of Westminster
  11. The Lord Chancellor Reading the Royal Speech in the House of Lords
  12. Mr. Peabody Distributing the Prizes at the Industrial Exhibition at Guildhall
  13. Peabody-square, Islington
  14. The Last Day of the Season for Pheasant-shooting
  15. The Old College of physicians, Warwick-lane
  16. The Liverpool Pilot-Boat No. 8 leading twelve Vessels into the Mersey during a Gale
  17. The Main Street of Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay
  18. Morning Market
  20. Prince Albert Victor, Son of the Prince of Wales
  21. Amazons of the King of Siam's Guard
  22. King of the Belgians, Leopold II
  23. Marie, Queen of The,
  24. The Late Fredrika bremer
  25. General Sir J. F. Burgoyne
  26. H. R. H. Princess Mary of Cambridge
  27. Lord F. Cavendish, mover of the Address in the House of Commons
  28. The late Dr. Conolly, Resident Physician of Hanwell Lunatic Asylum
  29. Sir D. J. Corrigan of Dublin
  30. M. M. Chevalier, the French Plitical Economist and Free-trader
  31. Mr. J. Durham A.R. A
  32. Sir W. Fergusson, the eminent Surgeon
  33. Mr W. E. Forster, Unde Secretary of State for the Colonies
  34. The Right Hon. C. Fortescue, M. P. Secretary for Ireland
  35. The late J. Gibson, R. A. Sculptor
  36. Mr. W. Graham, Seconder of the Address in the House of Commons
  37. Sir F. Grant, President of the Royal Academy
  38. Sir T. Gresham
  39. The late W. Harvey, engraver on wood
  40. Mr. T. Hughes, M. P. for Lambeth
  41. Kamehameha V., Kings of the Sandwich Islands
  42. The Late Rev. John Keble
  43. M. O. I. K. Kostromskoi, the ennobled Peasant who saved the Czar's Life
  44. The Right Hon. J. W. Mackey, Lord Mayor of Dublin
  45. The late Marie Amelie, Ex-Queen of the French
  46. The late J. B. Martin, Captain of the Australian Packet-ship London, lost in the Bay of Biscay
  47. Captain F. M. Maury, the marine Geographer
  48. Mr. J. S. Mill, M. P.
  49. The Earl of Morley, seconder of the Address in the house of Lords
  50. Sir R. I. Murchison
  51. Mr. E Nicol A. R. A.
  52. The Marquis of Normandy, Mover of the Address in the House of Lords
  53. The Late Dr. Petrie
  54. Mr. J. Pettie, A. R. A.
  55. Pin-ta-Chum, the Chinese Commissioner
  56. Mr. Popplestone, the first Recipient of the Albert Medal for Preservation of Life from Drowning
  57. General Prado, the New Dictator of Peru
  58. Mr. E. J. Reed, Chief Constructor of the Navy
  59. The King of Siam in State Costume
  60. The late King of Siam
  61. Sir. J. Y. Simpson, the distinguished Physician
  62. Mr. G. E. Street, A. R. A.
  63. Teck, H. S. H. Prince
  64. The Princess of Wales
  65. Mr. H. T. Wells, A. R. A.,
  66. The late Rev. Dr. Whewell, master of Trinity College, Cambridge
  67. Baron von Wullerstorf, the Austrian Minister of Commerce
  68. Mr. W. F. Yeames, A. R. A.
  69. Animals taking refuge from a Prairie Fire
  70. Preperations for a Pantomime: a Fancy Sketch
  71. Presentation to Mrs. Colnel Bingham by the Dorset Militia
  72. Procession of Boats at Barnes


  1. The Queen Opening Parliament
  2. Reviewing Troops in Front of the Barracks, Aldershott
  3. Brisbane the Capital of Queensland, Australia
  4. Railway Bridge over the River Bremer


  1. Racecourse and Cemetery at Hong-Kong
  2. Railway bridge over the River Bremer, Queensland, Australia
  4. Opening of the Cork and Macroom: Arrival of the First Train at Macroom
  5. Great Indian Peninsular: Scene of the Accident at the Thull Ghaut Station
  6. Great Northern: Scene of the Extraordinary Accident in the Welwyn Tunnel
  7. Greenock and Wemyss bay: The Daff Viduct
  8. London, Chatham, and Dover: Scene of the Accident at Beckenham
  9. Junction of the, with the Metropolitan, near Smithfield
  10. Metropolitan: Aldersgate-street Station of
  11. Cowcross-street Station of
  12. Mont Cenis, The Line over: View above Lanslebourg
  13. Plan of
  14. North London: City Terminus of
  15. South-Eastern: Cannon-street Station
  16. Ram-fighting at the Persian Khan, Constantinople
  17. Razor-grinders' "Hull" or Work-shop
  18. Opening of the new Building of the Refuge and Ragged-school, Field-lane
  19. Singapore Annual Regatta
  20. Regent-street in the Season
  21. Rescue of a Ship's crew by the bally-cotton Life-boat
  22. Returning from the Day Performance of the Pantomime
  23. Roman Remains found near Windsor
  24. Annual Ceremony of Crowning the Rosiere, at Nanterre, near Paris
  26. Architecture: Design for a Hall of Science and Art
  27. Painting: Job Praying for his friends
  28. Royal Academy, taking in the Pictures
  29. Rumpenheim Castle, near Frankfort-on-the-Maine


  1. St. Helena, with Troop-ships at Anchor
  2. St. James's-square, East Indie United Service Club-house
  3. The Town and Harbour of St. John, New Brunswick
  4. St. katherine Docks, Scene of the Great Fire
  5. St. Petersburg, The Front of the Summer Garden
  6. Salisbury Races: The Start for the Wiltchire Stakes
  7. The Island of Santorin, Greek Archipelago, with the Submarine Volcano
  8. Map of the Island and Bay of Saw-grinding
  9. The Duke of Edinburgh distributing the Prizes on board the School-Frigate Conway
  10. The Annual Choral Meeting of the Metropolitan Schools at the Crystal Palace
  11. Battersea Christ Church National
  13. The Brazen Serpent
  14. Spring
  15. Theseus Killing the Robber
  16. Scythe-grinding
  17. Shangany, the Eauropean Quarter of Zanzibar
  18. Long-eared African Sheep in the Zoological Gardens
  20. File-cutting
  21. Fork-grinders' "Hull"
  22. Razor-grinders' "Hull" or Work-shop
  23. Saw-grinding
  24. Scythe-grinding
  25. Table-blade grinding
  26. SHIPS- (BELOW)
  27. Abdul Aziz, New Turkish Iron-clad Frigate
  28. Wreck of the Alarm of Belfast, and Rescue of the Crew in Ballycotton Bay
  29. Arrival of American Vessels of War in Cork Harbour
  30. Bellerophon (H.M.S.), Iron-clad Man-of-War
  31. Firing at the Royal Sovereign, at Spithead
  32. Erl King, The Australian Steam-ship
  33. Remains of the Eugenie in Bally-macotter Bay Ireland
  34. The Huascar, Peruvian Iron-clad Turret-ship
  35. Indefatigable, The Liverpool Training-ship
  36. Jane Lowden, The Water-logged Ship
  37. The Peninsular and Oriental Company's Screw-steamer Jeddo Ashore near Bombay
  38. The Laconia Rescuing the Crew of the Amalia in the Bay of Biscay
  39. Peruvian Ironclad Loa Ashore on Callao Spit
  40. Mahrusseh, The Viceroy of Egypt's New Yacht
  41. Dining-Saloon
  42. The New Iron-clad Vessel of War Northumberland Afloat
  43. Countess Percy Naming the, at Millwall
  44. Attempted Launch
  45. Launch of the
  46. Pallas, H.M.S., Iron-clad Screw Corvette
  47. Ross Winans Cigar-shaped Steam-yacht
  48. Royal Sovereign, Experimental Firing of the Bellerophon
  49. Wreck of the Spirit of the Ocean
  50. The Turkish Iron-clad Frigate Sultan Mahmoud in a Heavy Sea
  51. A Spring Shower
  53. Conflagration of the Town of
  54. Embarkation of the Troops, and Burning of a Dhow
  55. Troops Effecting a Landing
  56. Singapore Annual Regatta
  57. Skins and Ivory for Sale in the Grahamstown Market, Cape Colony
  58. Skeleton of a Greenland Whale in the Museum of the College of Surgeons
  59. The Junction of the London Chatham and Dover Railway near Smithfield
  60. Clearing the Road Through a Snow-wreath on the highland Railway
  61. The Spanish Blockading Squadron at Valparaiso, Chili
  62. The Right Hon. J. E. Denison, Speaker of the House of Commons Taking the Oaths
  63. A Spring Shower
  64. Start Point, South Devon, with the Remains of the Wreck of the Spiri of the Ocean
  66. Sir M. Cubbon at Bangalore, India
  67. Dinham, at Exeter
  68. The late Mr. J. R. Godley, Founder of Canterbury, New Zealand
  69. The late Mr Green Poplar
  70. The late Sir H. Ward, Governor of Ceylon
  71. The Front of the Summer Garden St. Petersburg
  72. The Surf-boat at Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay
  73. The Royal Surrey County Hospital
  74. The Museum in Sydney, New South Wales


  1. Table-blade Grinding
  3. Mr. E. Denison, late Chairman of the Great Northern Railway
  4. Hasell, Chairman of the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
  5. Harvey (Alderman), Mayor of Lincoln
  6. Mr. H. Parkinson, Secretary to the Dublin international Exhibition
  7. Bust of Thackeray, in Westminster Abbey
  8. Progress of the Thames Embankment
  9. Cutting the Piles which form the Cofferdam
  10. Portion of the, near Arundel-street, strand
  11. Southern Portion of the, at Lambeth
  13. Scene from "Brother Sam," at the Haymarket
  14. Scene from "The Favourite of Fortune,"
  15. Prince of Wales: Scene from "One Hundred Thousand pounds,"
  16. The New Surrey
  17. Thibet: Interior of the Buddhist Temple in the Monastery of mangnang, at Gnari Khorsum
  18. Timber-booms on the St. John River, new Brunswick
  19. Titness Park, Berks
  20. Tormentor, the Winner of the Oaks
  21. New Townhall, Dumbarton
  22. New Farnham, Surrey
  23. New Hull
  24. Opening of the, by Earl De Grey and Ripon: Unveiling the Statue of Edward I.
  25. New Needham Market
  26. Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Trentham Hall, Staffordshire
  27. View of The Meet at Barlaston Hall
  28. Installation of the New master of Trinity College, Cambridge, The master Knocking for Admittance
  29. Procession to the Chapel, Trinity College
  30. Troop-ships at Anchor at St. Helena
  31. The Two-mile Race at the Oxford and Cambridge Athletic Sports in the Christ Church Meadows, Oxford


  1. The Union Bank of London, Chancery-lane


  1. Plan of the Bombardment of Valparaiso, Chili
  2. Spanish Blockading Squadron
  3. Wreck of the Victoria Bridge, Natal
  4. Victoria, Hong-Kong
  5. The Submarine Volcano near the Island of Santorin, Greek Archipelago
  6. Eruption of
  8. The Review at Brighton: The Beach on Easter Sunday
  9. The Defending Force Retreating across the Valley of Bevendean
  10. The Royal Balcony at the Grand Stand
  11. Starting a Hare
  12. Shooting for the Town Prizes at the Sheepcote battery
  13. The Prince of Wales Passing the Saluting-point at the Head of the Hon. Artillery Company
  14. ~DAMAGED~ ...legate Challenge Trophy of London Rifle Brigade
  15. Queen's (Westminster) Rifles, Challenge Cup of No. 8 (Broadwood) Company of the,
  16. Review of in Hyde Park


  1. Wakefield Industrial Exhibition Prize Medal
  2. The Prince of Wales Visiting Crewe Steelworks
  3. Dessert Service for
  4. Inspecting the 11th Hussars at Colchester
  5. Laying the Foundation-stone of the British and Foreign Bible Society's New Building
  6. Opening the Warehousemen and Clerks' New Schools
  7. The Prince and Princess of Wales at Aldershott
  8. Trentham Hall, Staffordshire, Visit of their Royal Highnesses to
  10. Garibaldian Volunteers in the Piazzidell' Independenza, Florence
  11. Arrival of Garibaldi at the Milan Railway Station
  12. Provender-waggons of the Prussian Army Passing the Saxon Frontier
  13. Halt of a Convoy of Sick Prussian Soldiers
  14. Volunteers for Garibaldi: A Scene in Florence
  15. Warehousemen and Clerks' New Schools, The Prince of Wales Opening the: Ladies Placing Purses before his Royal Highness
  16. Warwick Races Grand Military Cup
  17. Wayside Inn, The- From "Legends and Lyrics,"
  18. Westminster Abbey, The Bust of Thackeray in,
  19. Chapel and Shrine of Edward the Confessor in,
  20. The Chapter House
  21. Westminster Hall on the Night of the Division on the Reform Bill
  22. Skeleton of a Greenland Whale in the Museum of the College of Surgeons
  23. Whitehall Clubhouse, Westminster
  24. Whittlesford Working-men's Hall, Cambridgeshire
  25. Windsor, Roman Remains Found near,
  26. Working-men's Club and Lodging-house, Westminster
  27. Hall, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire
  28. Woolwich Royal Military Academy, Athletic Games at,
  30. Alarm, of Belfast, in Ballycotton Bay
  31. Brixham, Torbay
  32. Broadsands, near
  33. Eugenie in Ballymacotter Bay, Ireland, Remains of the
  34. Spirit of the Ocean at Start Point,
  35. Swedish Brig at Sandown, Isle of Wight


  1. Yacht Club (Royal London) Cutter-match: The Niobe, Sphinx, and Vindex off Coalhouse Point
  2. First-class Cutter-match of the (Royal Thames): The Vindex and Christabel in Sea Reach
  3. Schooner-match: The Xantha and Gloriana Rounding at the Nore


  1. Zanzibar, Shangany, the European Quater of,
  2. Zoological Society's Gardens (The) on Whit monday
  3. Sheep, Long-eared African, in


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